The Digital Trading applications expertise is here to help you realize your dream – whatever its size. We have seven years experience in this field and have worked on applications for such high-profile corporate clients as Isis Innovation Ltd, a subsidiary of the University of Oxford and Capita the UK leader in business process management. We’ve also worked with entrepreneurs like Property Portal, a UK and International luxury property search site.

Whatever type of client you are – you are our ideal client. Whoever you are – if you are an entrepreneur with a bright idea for an application but lack the means to realize it then will help you bring that idea to fruition by scoping, building and launching your digital baby.

OR: Our ideal client is whoever and whatever you happen to be. From large corporations to entrepreneurs with a bright idea for an application but no means to realize it – we will help you give birth to your digital baby by scoping, building and launching it.

Alternatively, should you have a website and want to create a bespoke application to improve your productivity – and who doesn’t want to work smarter not harder – the Digital Trading team with its extensive technical and coding skills can design that digital solution for you.  We are Microsoft partners and our web developers are experienced in, VB, c#, MVC 3&4, Java Script, jQuery, AJAX, Microsoft SQL, CSS3, HTML 5, and PHP so can meet just about any needs.

So now we’ve given you a flavour of what we can do for you why not pick up the phone and call us on 01793 680866 for a friendly, no obligation chat and to arrange a full tasting session? We are confident we can help you make it real.

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