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About Us

Roger Goodwin

Roger Goodwin is co-founder and managing director of the specialist web development house, Digital Trading. An IT and web expert, Roger is experienced in developing web solutions and applications.

Roger has led Digital Trading into corporate software integration projects for clients such as Capita, Siemens, The University of Oxford and Achilles. He has extensive knowledge and experience of online marketing platforms across multi-domain projects and API integration with Facebook, Google, Twitter and PayPal.

Bart Janaszek

Bart Janaszek is director of operations at specialist web development house, Digital Trading. Motivated, adaptable and strong problem solver, Bart has a keen interest in web development, software engineering and business efficiency.

Bart is responsible for creating customer-led internal business processes at Digital Trading. He provides project and account management, oversees project delivery, communications, documentation, team development and customer care.

“It’s easy to use and significantly reduces amount of time I spend doing paperwork and follow-up calls. If I’m out in the field I can log visits, order parts and add in all those little additional jobs that we are always being asked to do using my mobile.”

James Puttick, Direct Healthcare Solutions